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Blackpool Bank

Blackpool Bank

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product properties

  • teak wood
  • flat legs
  • stainless steel frame
  • Matches Blackpool table 220 x 100 cm

material properties

stainless steel

Furniture made of stainless steel, with its extremely positive, weather-resistant material properties, offers an ideal basis, especially for outdoor use.

Especially in combination with wood, outdoor fabric, Serge Ferrari Batyline® and glass, the furniture looks elegant and noble.

teak wood

Wood is a natural product, very easy to work with and thanks to its natural oils it is weatherproof and durable. New wood products contain a wood moisture content of 12% ± 2%, which is why the drying out of the wood (during the summer months and indoors) can lead to irregularities such as drying cracks, unevenness, warping or slight warping. These irregularities have no influence on the statics or the durability of the products and therefore do not constitute a reason for complaint. Differences in color are due to the sometimes different origin of the wood and become more and more equal over time. Over time, the teak develops a silver-grey patina - this is a natural process and also does not constitute a reason for complaint.

width (cm) 40.00
height (cm) 46.00
depth (cm) 195.00
Color teak
material teak
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